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After bringing diaspora cuisine back to India with NRI (Not Really Indian) at Bandra Kurla Complex, Chef​ Atul Kochhar now brings to life the flavours of South America with LIMA, Mumbai's first South American ​lounge bar that opens adjacent to NRI. This is Chef Kochhar’s second opening in India in a short span of two months (he returns to cook in India after 22 years!)

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"Am excited about LIMA. South American is one of my favourite cuisines but is so underexposed in India. Mexican, Brazilian and Peruvian food – cuisines that are extremely fashionable and now almost ubiquitous in London, will be a first for Mumbai. Each South American country has a unique cuisine that was shaped by its history, influences from Europe and other countries, ​ local geography, and culture. The result is an exciting variety of flavours, colours and culinary traditions, that come together at LIMA", adds Chef Kochhar​.

With LIMA, Chef Atul Kochhar once again draws on his world travels to present a cuisine richly influenced by an immigrant population. A strong believer in the policy of using local, seasonal and sustainable produce with a low carbon footprint, Chef Kochhar will be working with a local farm that will help him grow produce for LIMA.


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